Tricks to keep your lips always hydrated


Getting your lips to resist the winter without drying or cracking is not easy, as the cocktail of wind, cold, solar radiation and heating affects especially this area, covered by a very thin and fragile skin. Fortunately, we have the five golden rules that will help you create a protective barrier and show off the best of your smiles. If your lips are important to you then what is below them also has to be your concern, if you want both of them to look good you can go with your dentist Pacific Implant Center.

Rule number 1: always carry in your bag a good lip balm
In your essentials kit you can not miss a moisturizing balm (with sun protection), capable of regenerating the skin thanks to the presence of nutritious active ingredients. It will also become your main ally during the night while you sleep, at which time the treatment is more effective by the elimination of external agents and the acceleration of the repairing process on the skin.

Rule number 2: exfoliate your lips
To remove the remains of dead skin and get your lips hydrated more easily, experts recommend exfoliate them with a specific brush. It is used with small, circular movements, without pressing, just one or two minutes. Regarding the frequency, it is recommended to do it once a week on badly damaged lips and every two weeks on healthy lips. The last step should always be the application of a repairing moisturizing treatment.

Rule number 3: watch out for solar radiation
Who said that the sun only affects in summer? At this time we tend to forget the effect of solar radiation on our lips, causing them to dry and crack. To avoid this, use a balm with a protection factor of 15, especially if you exercise outdoors like skiing or hiking.

Rule number 4: eliminate the habit of wetting them with saliva
When we feel our lips dry, we tend to make a very common mistake: pass your tongue over the surface. We get a momentary relief but the effect that occurs is the opposite: resect them even more.

Rule number 6: hydrate yourself also from within
Drinking a lot of water is the first rule to keep hydrated and thus protect our lips from the dry air generated by heating systems during this time. Experts recommend drinking two liters a day, or what is the same, eight glasses.

If you do not carry out all these cares, it is possible that your lips become dry, aggravate and even develop a cold sore, since the virus can reactivate more easily in the face of these oversights. In that case, it is best to use a topical treatment indicated to stop the virus, reduce inflammation and shorten the healing process.