The Best Methods To Take A Few Years Off

Old age is one of the things we are most afraid of human beings, and with good reason, because if we think about old age it brings many things that are very unpleasant for us as human beings. In the physical aspect, we lose many capacities, we no longer have the same strength as before, it is impossible to perform activities such as running, jumping and all the activities that previously seemed simpler. This is why we always have to look for methods that help us combat old age and the consequences of this, such as wrinkles, gray hair, sagging skin and all that kind of things that can make us feel insecure with ourselves.

Fortunately, today there are countless methods that can help us fight old age, for which youth may be possible for us. However, it is important that we know and consider the different methods that exist so that in this way we can decide which is the most appropriate for us, and taking into account if there is any type of risk or consequences that may affect us in the future.


The face lifting is a modern surgical intervention that is performed in order to stretch and remove excess skin on the face and thus obtain a firmer and younger face. The intervention consists in carrying out a preoperative study to assess whether the intervention is the most appropriate and decide what the surgery will be like. The operation is carried out by local anesthesia and sedation. The surgeon makes a small incision in the scalp on the hairline that extends to the ears with the intention that the scar is not visible. After this, the muscle, skin and fat layers are repositioned, tensing the facial muscles and removing the excess tissue. Once this procedure is finished, the incisions are stitched with stitches. Generally, the facelift usually needs a night of hospitalization to make sure that there is no type of posterior problem. Although the facelift is one of the most complex facial surgeries, it is performed regularly without risks or side effects, and spectacular natural results are achieved without visible scars.


Botox is a neurotoxin that releases botulism, which is a disease that arises from a bacterium that causes muscle paralysis and can lead to respiratory problems, nausea or weakness. This is used for medical purposes to treat some neurological diseases, although Nowadays, it has also begun to be used in aesthetic medicine since it has been discovered that injecting botox into the skin causes the fibers of the muscles to relax to reduce their contraction power. This causes the communication with the nerves to be cut so that it ends up causing a paralysis by not receiving orders. This makes Botox Tijuana an ideal treatment in cosmetics to stop the appearance of wrinkles.


Blepharoplasty is an intervention that is carried out to repair the sunken or drooping upper eyelids and remove excess skin from this area. It is very common for the eyelids to fall or sink when a person is getting older, although there are also some cases where people have eyelids fallen from birth or contract a disease that causes them to fall. The procedure consists in administering a medication to the patient to help him relax, later the surgeon injects an anesthetic around the eye so that there is no pain during the surgery. The small incisions are made in the natural folds or creases of the eyelids to remove the sagging skin and excess fat tissue. Then, the eyelid muscles are secured. At the end of the surgery, the incisions are closed with sutures.