Is your style elegant? Learn the basic rules

This is a misunderstood style: yes, many believe it means wearing expensive clothes and accessories, which is a mistake. Here the keys to master it.

The elegant style is misunderstood, as many believe it means wearing expensive clothes and accessories. Which is a mistake. It is one thing to have economic solvency and a very different thing is to belong to the elegant style.

As with the other styles I have previously addressed (natural and traditional), elegant people belong to this style not by choice, but by a particular innate way of behaving and expressing themselves in their dress and refined behavioral traits.

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How are people who belong to the elegant style
Belongs to those who plan to be refined, educated, reflect status but in a simple, that is, discreet. They provoke admiration, authority and respect. Before anything else, they like to be perceived as distinguished people and know how to identify good taste.

They are willing to pay for quality before an economic price and their social and economic position allows them. They will never wear clothes and accessories that reflect low quality.

They invest the most in the long term in their wardrobe, since they will prefer high quality garments (and that reflect distinction) able to look in perfect conditions even with the passing of the years, and do not acquire only those clothes in trend.

They like the distinction, the exclusivity and the good taste, and they also reflect it in their arrangement and way of dressing:

– Haircut and / or impeccable hairstyle.

– Clothes of very high quality, invest in the long term forming a timeless wardrobe for several years.

– They dress using mainly smooth colors, of sober design and generally in neutral colors.

– Accessories in very good condition and applying the “less is more” rule.

– Your clothes always have a correct size, neither too tight nor too loose.

– Their combinations are sober but they do not lose distinction.

– Reflect high status, formal or casual dress.

– Women never neglect their makeup and they also keep it sober in formal events and they adapt it perfectly in night events.

– They know the rules of combination of the different types of fabrics, prints, colors and, because of their great culture, they know how to dress appropriately according to the weather and the schedule.

– In the shoes, men and women, also reflect status and prestige, because they keep them impeccable. They will never wear worn shoes and will bet for the quality and exclusive designs.

– His neatness is immediately noticeable.

What is your great strength
They reflect success and security in themselves. They generate confidence, bring prestige together with their distinction by taking care of the small details that make a big difference. They make it clear by their actions that they are cultured and educated individuals, qualities that arouse in others admiration and respect.

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Which professions exemplify it best
Elegant people can work in several professional areas, however, they are generally in positions of authority and leadership as CEOs of companies, CEOs, some Public Officials, Casa Bolseros and Senior Executives with a high social position.

What is your biggest risk
Look and behave as ostentatious people, who instead of a refined taste communicate that they have economic solvency for the brands of clothing and goods they buy and boast. Therefore, it is very clear to understand that “some have class and others only appear to have it”.

How to get the most out of this style
• Never forget that your personality is already capable of inspiring respect, trust and authority for the distinction and elegance that you reflect.

• Avoid “bragging” that you have a high economic power, you do not need to see the brand of clothes you wear. Quality and good taste are perceived immediately.

• Incorporate garments each year in colors absent in your wardrobe and that you know that they favor you because of your skin tone.

• Take advantage of your leadership and admiration to inspire others to grow in their lives.

• Identify with which other style your elegant style is mixed and also communicate your strength.

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Can we be elegant style just because we want it?
To answer this question that I am so much asked in consultancies and trainings, I will use a master phrase from Coco Chanel: “Fashion is bought; elegance is learned “.

We can all add details of elegance to our dress, we belong to any of the other 6 styles (natural, traditional, romantic, creative, seductive and dramatic); although it is very important to clarify that some of them in theory are incompatible with the elegant style.

For example, creative style that does not seek sobriety but is original above all, does not communicate refinement or discretion